Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24th--What we did yesterday-part deaux!

Yesterday's learning opened my eyes to the possibilities of teaching in the classroom. I was not aware how much time could be saved using the Activestudio. I thought that all the preparation for the Activestudio would take too much time, but now I see that the time saved in class far outweighs preparation time. I can use Activestudio in many ways in the classroom. It can be used in lectures, reviews, quizzes, and testing. Anything previously done in the classroom on paper or on the chalk board or dry/erase board can be done using the Activestudio. I really like the layering effect because you can use the same flipcharts for every class, modify them, and then take away the modifications to start over. I believe that the Activestudio increases student engagement. As excited I am about using Activestudio, I believe the students will exchibit just as much excitement because it keeps their attention. It forces them to usse their ears and their eyes. I believe that the standard lectures only forces them to use their ears. The Activestudio keeps the students active in the discussion and forces them to be engaged. They have to pay attention in case it becomes their turn to work on the Activestudio. I feel that although I was first intimidated at using the Activestudio, I feel that students will easily absorb this technology.

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