Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24th--Almost Lunchtime!

This morning on Activestudio we learned much more to bring to the classroom! And oh is it fun! First, we learned how to do containers. We used containers of shapes, filled them with answers, and learned how to make them stay in another container if it was the correct match. If it was the wrong match, the container would go back to where it was. I can see using containers with subject/verb agreement. Students could come manipulate the right verbs to go into the sentences. Another thing we learned is how to attach a files and websites to objects when clicked upon. A good way to use this is to bring up a word file of a quiz after reviewing a lesson, My favorite thing thus far has been learning how to write questions and have the answers pop up when pointing with the pen. The possibilities for using this function are endless. Group reviews will be smooth and easy for students to interact and write notes.

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